Laboratory Facilities

The Laboratory is located within the Building of Aerodynamics, Shipbuilding and Hydraulic Turbomachines and coexists with the Laboratory of Aerodynamics, Laboratory of Hydraulic Turbomachines and the Laboratory of Bioengineering. This allows access to a pool of facilities, resources and expertise.


Experimental facilities include a closed circuit wind tunnel capable of simulation of the atmospheric boundary layer over models up to 2 m in size for environmental flow studies. In collaboration with the other laboratories of the Fluids section, a number of services may be provided such as velocity and pressure measurements of aerodynamics interest. There are also a number of hand held instruments available for assessing air quality and emissions.


A number of numerical tools have been developed over the years. These are targeted towards basic and applied research in the fields of single and two phase turbulent flows with or without heat transfer. Applications range from environmental flows at local or urban scale to bluff body aerodynamics and particle dispersion, erosion and adhesion.

Environmental Flow and Aerodynamics

Numerical resources include commercial, open source and in-house CFD codes for environmental heat and fluid flow in urban areas, CFD codes for particle laden turbulent flows and others

Experimental facilities are also provided through the Laboratory of Aerodynamics
Of particular interest is the large scale (3.5x2.5m) wind tunnel capable of atmospheric boundary layer simulation over scale models up to 2m in size

Air Quality and Emissions

A number of hand held devices are available for gas and particle measurements and assessment of air quality in indoor and ambient environment.

Design of systems and devices for pollutant retention and optimisation of performance

Thermal Environmental Engineering

Design and heat and fluid flow analysis of thermally controlled spaces and related devices (indoor and ambient thermal environment, heat exchangers etc).

Energy analysis of thermally controlled spaces and related energy producing equipment.